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A Splice Of Life…

I stayed up late last night splicing lines… jib sheets, main sheet, reacher controls, vang, downhaul, etcetera. Apparently I then fell asleep, only to be woken up by Sue as an episode of “South Park” went after Wal-Mart! I think the … Continue reading

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Thwarted Again (it’s a good thing!)…

The thwart is in… and trust me, it nearly thwarted me!  When cut to size, it wouldn’t fit into the cockpit deck opening, so I had to trim off 5/8 of an inch from the starboard side, and re-glue it … Continue reading

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How To Stretch A Tramp…

The tramps are the originals, and the vinyl has shrunken a bit, so putting them on again will be an adventure.  I figured I’d start out by giving them a weekend in the sun! They are a bit grungy, and … Continue reading

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Progress continues to progress…

Last night I installed the center aka tubes on the vaka… this went smoothly, albeit a bit slowly, as I had to first drill the holes for the bolts, and make sure they were straight and true. With a hand … Continue reading

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Clarity’s New Trunk… and Pictures Galore!

I installed the daggerboard trunk last evening… although it more time than I thought it would, the installation went very well.  Wow, is it ever nice to have something go easily!  I cut the slot in the vaka (AACK!) right … Continue reading

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Hatching Clarity…

The bulkheads are glassed and the hatches are installed!  The install went fairly smoothly except for one little issue… reaching the fastener holes under the hinged side of the hatch lid was really a pain.  Since the hatches donated by T. … Continue reading

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Clarity is no longer inverted…!

It sure feels good to see Clarity right side up again!  There’s still plenty of work to go, but the end is in sight.  The bulkheads are in, and 95% glassed, the daggerboard trunk fits (!), and I’ve figured out … Continue reading

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