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Clarity’s Mainsail Modifications from 2010…

Here’s the links going back to the posts about modifying Clarity’s mainsail (I’ve gone this route before!): Advertisements

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Modifying The Existing Sails…

Budgets and unproven ideas being what they are, I decided to modify Discovery’s admittedly old and out of shape sails for the 2013 Everglades Challenge.  New sails would have been great, and there is a friendly member of the AMF … Continue reading

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A Successful Weekend Test Sail…

With Discovery pretty close to being sorted out, and apparently watertight, I decided to take her out for a fully Challenge-loaded overnight sail and camp.  I had planned to head out about 10:00 AM on Saturday, but, things being what … Continue reading

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Discovery’s Light Air Strategy…

With the bowsprit and Aidric Hunt’s Sail ( ) , I should really have a good turn of speed in light air.  Provided, of course, we actually GET some light air during this years’ Everglades Challenge.  Here’s a few pictures of … Continue reading

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A Proboscis?!?

Yes indeed, our little Discovery has Pinocchio-ized: she now sports a bowsprit! This is to ensure that Aidric’s Sail can be flown from a vessel of Discovery’s diminutive stature… kind of like one of those racing skiffs so popular in Australia, … Continue reading

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Banners And Decals…

I just got the ‘Feeding Children Everywhere’ banners and the decals for Discovery, and they look great! Thanks to Sign Image in Tampa for the fantastic work. Remember to visit to learn more about this fantastic charity!

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Feeding Children Everywhere… The Charity We Are Supporting

This year, Clarity Sailing Adventures will be sailing with children in mind. Hungry children, the world over… here in the United States, and in every country that has children and a shortage of food.  Feeding Children Everywhere is a fantastic … Continue reading

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