Monthly Archives: November 2012

Where Am I? Why Am I Here? Where Am I Going??

With apologies to both Admiral Stockdale and to those who take the basic philosophical questions of life seriously, I have to decide how I’m going to locate myself during the Challenge.  I have an older, reliable, and somewhat irritating handheld … Continue reading

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Little Bits O’ Progress…

I’ve just ordered 200′ of 1/4 double braided line for use on Discovery.  This should be enough to replace halyards, sheets, out haul, downhaul, vang, etc… and leave me with enough line for the required reefing system on the main. … Continue reading

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How To Attempt To Get In Shape For A Challenge…

This is my desk at work.  It’s called a TrekDesk, and yes, that’s a treadmill underneath it! I can get in a few miles every day with no problem, except for the past 3 weeks, which have been spent recovering … Continue reading

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An Exciting Change in Plans…

Things have been quite fluid lately around here at the Clarity Sailing Adventures domicile… new schools, promotions, other changes at home and offices, and, well, all sorts of things.  All are good, but they have done some twisting and turning … Continue reading

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