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I’ve been remiss, I know… but there’s been a lot going on at work and home, so I haven’t been minding the store well as of late. I’ll be changing that in a bit, both with some updates about other … Continue reading

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WaterTribe Classes, Events, and Results for 2012

Here’s a bit of a primer on the classes and events run in this years Florida Challenges – for more in depth information, please visit  Due to space limitations, I’ve only listed the finishing entries here, but have no … Continue reading

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So…. Now What?

After the wild Month of March, and it’s Challenge Madness, where will this blog be going?  Well, it’ll continue with information about this years Challenges, the WaterTribers who competed, lists of blogs and video links, and other information about adventure/expedition … Continue reading

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IronBob’s upcoming 5000 Mile Amazon Trek

WaterTribe’s IronBob will be participating in a 5000 mile trek across South America… on foot, by kayak, and mountaineering.  This is a fundraising event for cancer, and donations can be made here: or on Bob’s personal donation page at : To … Continue reading

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