Monthly Archives: February 2012

Weekend Warriors, Extended Variety…

There are all sorts of weekend warriors out there: some hunt or fish, some camp, some mountain bike or ski, some parachute or backpack, and some… well some are a little different.  Here in Florida there’s a tribe of warriors, known as … Continue reading

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Getting back in shape…

My office is getting a new workstation… a TrekDesk and treadmill!  I’ll be removing my standard desk and chair, and putting in this standup workstation that sits over a treadmill.  This way I can walk on the treadmill while doing … Continue reading

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Preparing for Checkpoint Time…

Sorry about all the Twitter testing everybody!  We are going to be running Checkpoint #2 during this years’ Everglades Challenge, and it appears the fastest way for me to get basic information out will be to use Twitter (I can’t … Continue reading

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