Getting back in shape…

My office is getting a new workstation… a TrekDesk and treadmill!  I’ll be removing my standard desk and chair, and putting in this standup workstation that sits over a treadmill.  This way I can walk on the treadmill while doing office stuff, hopefully getting a bit healthier and lighter in the process.  I’m especially looking for the light cardio, increased circulation, and energy benefits that many users are claiming they are receiving.  Additionally, it should be great therapy for my knee, and a good way to strengthen the muscles surrounding my severed ACL.  The concept, but not the exact product I’m getting, comes from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, so I have a bit of faith that the idea is a good one.  It certainly can’t be a BAD one… If this test workstation works out, we may put them in all of our offices.  After all, better to be healthy than to have to find out just how good your health insurance REALLY is!

See for more information…

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