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How To Eat (?) On An 18′ Trimaran In 4′ to 8′ Seas…

The short answer is VERY CAREFULLY (I certainly hope you were expecting that)! The long answer is a bit more serious, as you have to maintain hydration, an adequate protein intake, and a level of carbohydrates that will keep you … Continue reading

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A Sparseness Of Posts…

My apologies for not posting much as of late.  I have a seriously ill family member, and I’ve been traveling out of state to do what I can to help.  We are getting things settled, and I suspect that by … Continue reading

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A Local Catamaran Under Construction…

It’s been pretty busy around the household, so there hasn’t been much posting going on.  Additionally, I’m going to North Carolina to visit my father, so it might be a bit before I get back to posting regularly. In the … Continue reading

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Finn Sailing…

After re-reading my description of sailing a Finn ( ), I thought I’d post a few pictures of Finns in action (the BOATS, not the BLONDES).  And to think, when I was younger, I aspired to sail these infernal single-hulled … Continue reading

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 Welcome to our somewhat delayed second product review… for this item, Sue’s review will be published independently of mine.  We hope you find them helpful! Product description: The Shark Titanium Backup Knife has a 3 3/8″ Titanium blade, a locking … Continue reading

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