Welcome to our somewhat delayed second product review… for this item, Sue’s review will be published independently of mine.  We hope you find them helpful!

Promate Shark Dive Knife KF390

Product description:

The Shark Titanium Backup Knife has a 3 3/8″ Titanium blade, a locking button style sheath, a hose attachment for an H.P. regulator hose, and adjustable, removable, quick release straps.

Mike Says: 

One of the requirements for participating in a WaterTribe Challenge is that you comply with the rather extensive list of safety equipment listed in the Challenge rules.  High on this list is a knife mounted permanently on your life vest.  The knife can be a fixed or folding blade type, but must be a kayaking or dive type knife, with a partially serrated blade.  If it is a folding blade, it MUST be openable with one hand.

I own numerous knives, and my father makes custom cutlery, so I’m pretty familiar with edged tools.  As much as I like folding knives for street carry, I do NOT like them for a survival knife.  If I’m hypothermic, the weather is bad, or my vision is obscured, I don’t want to have to unfold a knife… I want it READY TO GO.

I looked at a lot of knives before settling on this rather inexpensive model.  I like the fact that the blade is relatively compact in comparison to the grip, and that the blade is symmetrical (double edged, with partial serrations on each side).  It has a blunt tip, which works well as both a chisel and a preventative from stabbing yourself while working in a hostile, cramped environment (just what you’d find in a survival situation).  The titanium makes the knife quite light, along with being (so far) totally corrosion resistant.   It’s got a nice edge to it, and the serrations are useful for cutting rope and sawing wood.  In fact, I used it to trim the broken daggerboard so we could use the leftover bit, and it cut through the plywood and epoxy pretty well for such a short knife.  Its true purpose is as a backup knife for scuba diving, but those attributes make it a nice sailing blade, as well.  Additionally, its shape makes it a great knife for shucking oysters!

To mount the knife, I simply unscrewed the backing plate from the sheath, fitted the sheath over a strap on a life jacket, and screwed the plate down over the opposite side of the strap.  They stayed exactly where we put them, but we’ll be fine-tuning the positioning a bit next year.

Now for the negatives… it is a budget knife, so the handle is of a simple plastic as opposed to more expensive knives that tend to have dual compound grips.  The molded grooves did provide positive control while using the knife while wearing a wet glove.  And the sheath, although locking, doesn’t FEEL as nice or positive as I’d like it to.  It never let go, though.  Also, and this is true of any black knife with a black sheath, it’s a little hard to insert the blade without really looking at what you’re doing.  For next year, I’ll be getting a can of Krylon Fusion spray paint (works great on plastics), and painting my sheath yellow or orange.

For a knife in its price range, it’s a good value. 


Manufacturers Website:

MSRP: $36.95

Purchased From:

Rating Mike: B+

Value Mike: A-

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