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An about face?

When I first started thinking about putting in a centerboard to replace the missing one, my thought was to use a centerboard of semi-circular design, similar to a Finn, Gemini cruising cat, or a Hobie 17. The idea was to … Continue reading

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Well, I haven’t shaken the respitory infection yet, and now something disconcerting has happened. While coughing rather heftily, I seem to have aggravated both my center-of-mass surgeries… the disc repair AND the hernia! I’m going to the doc today to … Continue reading

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I think I’m still alive!

If I do indeed survive this flu/alien-in-my-body thing, the old deck will come off tomorrow, and measuring for the interior pieces shall commence. I’m just not up to climbing up under the deck yet… or trying to ride a motorcycle. … Continue reading

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Debilitation… is making me wait!

(My apologies to Carly Simon for that one!) There has been a bit of illness in the household which has slowed things down.  Justin has recovered, and Sue mercifully escaped catching it, but I was not so lucky.  Over the … Continue reading

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Hot Water Challenge completed…

If you read the post below, you’ll know we’ve been living with (gasp) room temperature water for a couple of days.  If ever I was glad I live in Florida and not Minnesota…! The change actually went very smoothly and … Continue reading

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An immediate challenge… The Hot Water Challenge!

It appears that my weekend has been redirected from working on Clarity to replacing the hot water heater! As is typical in Florida, some genius decided it would be a good idea to install the heater on a small triangular … Continue reading

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