An about face?

When I first started thinking about putting in a centerboard to replace the missing one, my thought was to use a centerboard of semi-circular design, similar to a Finn, Gemini cruising cat, or a Hobie 17. The idea was to eliminate the turbulence of a centerboard slot. A board of this shape would be less efficient to windward than a deep foil, but with a deep, narrow chord foil, you have two choices: a centerboard, with it’s attendant slot and turbulence, plus a pivot pin and lines for up and down hauling of the board. You also have the advantage of the board moving up and over underwater objects with little or no damage ensuing. A daggerboard is simpler, but you have the impact issues to deal with. The semi-circular trailing edge leaves no slot open to turbulance, is stronger than a thin chord foil, and would have a leading edge set at an angle, so it would shed flotsam and jetsam relatively easily. Plus a centerboard is more easily dealt with when singlehanding. Hmm… choices to make!

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