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A Visual Depiction Of My Travels During The 2014 Everglades Challenge…

The following are screen shots of my SPOT tracking page, showing my route from start to finish.  I don’t have my first day’s worth of tracks though, as SPOT only stores them for 7 days.  I’ll have to see what … Continue reading

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2014 Everglades Challenge Videos I Took…

This is just a really quick post with the link to my Everglades Challenge playlist on YouTube.  I’ve got more videos coming that I’ll be adding to the playlist over the next week, and I’ll write a summary of the … Continue reading

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Out Through The In Door (with apologies to Led Zeppelin)…

(this is an out of order excerpt from what I will write about this year’s sail… I posted it on the WaterTribe Forum, and thought I’d add it here on it’s own first, and then as part of the overall … Continue reading

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I Made It… WOOHOO!!!

6 Days, 19 Hours, and 33 Minutes after the start, I landed on Key Largo, completing my first Everglades Challenge!  Launching was an agony never to be repeated, as my PVC slide system was an epic fail and it took … Continue reading

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