This page will contain photos of Clarity, the refitting, and anything else pertaining to the boat, the Everglades Challenge, or to us, that doesn’t get posted on the main page, or that we think needs to be archived here as well!  Be aware that they aren’t likely to be in any particular order.  Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if I duplicate post a pic or two!



Clarity as Santas' Sleigh 2009

The old step, the new/old step, and a bit of aka tubing

The old step, the new/old step, and a bit of aka tubing


A good use for vertical blinds at last!

Talk about way too big a hole... tons of drag here!

Sanded and preppedBottom of very wide trunk, with plug visibleA power plane easily removed the old sealants and leveled the opening

Clarity close reaching on Lake Tarpon

Old and new/old bits stacked up together


Sailing on Lake Tarpon 3
Reinforced tack
Modified Trac 16 sail tack

Another view of the modified tackTools of the tradeClose up of the modified sail head and bolt rope stitchingA view to a clew... my apologies to Ian Fleming!

Tapering batten stock

Tapering the battens

marking battens

Getting ready to use the power planer!

Distorted aka crosstube