I Made It… WOOHOO!!!

6 Days, 19 Hours, and 33 Minutes after the start, I landed on Key Largo, completing my first Everglades Challenge!  Launching was an agony never to be repeated, as my PVC slide system was an epic fail and it took me TWO HOURS to get off the beach!  Fortunately, at 6:00 the morning of the start, I’d fixed a hot Feeding Children Everywhere meal, so I was able to have some nice warm food for recovery (dragging a 600+ pound boat 100 feet or more in soft, wet sand takes a LOT out of you).

Due to a failure in backup power supply, I was short on electricity and had to save my batteries for navigation and emergencies, so I barely posted anything during the event.  However, I’ll be posting a lot in the upcoming days, including some video on YouTube, once I see how they turned out.

All in all, it was a blast, and you can see my track here:

Set parameters to – EVENT: EC 2014 – CLASS: 5 – Challenger: SailBirdMike – DETAIL: Show Tracks and all Waypoints
Hit the regenerate button and my track comes up. The farther apart the yellow triangles, the faster I was going!
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2 Responses to I Made It… WOOHOO!!!

  1. Alan Stewart says:

    NICE JOB! Saw the boat at the dock. Looked great. Glad you made it!

    • Mike says:

      Clarity is just a wee bit slower than Mosquito – but both boats continue to convince me that tri’s are the ideal Florida boats. Congrats on a great, fast run to the finish!

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