As you probably know if you’re reading this, I’ve been plugging away at Clarity, getting her ready for her second (and my third) Everglades Challenge attempt.  I’ve converted her to leeboards (ex-Sol-Cat 18 rudders), replaced the original rudder with a Sol-Cat 18 rudder (nicely redundant in case I break a blade…), and have decked the hull over completely, adding a 26″ x 26″ hatch which, when opened, has fiddles to hold my galley equipment.  I’ll be sponsoring Feeding Children Everywhere again, and I’m looking forward to a great solo run (provided I can drag her off the beach at Fort Desoto!!).

I have, however, run into a bit of an issue regarding being picked up at the end of the Challenge… I may not have anyone available who can tow my trailer down to the keys (I do have a likely ride).  I was wondering if there is anybody in the Keys who might have a spot where I can dock Clarity for a week or so, either in the water or on land, until I can come back down with my trailer.  If you have a spot, or any ideas, feel free to let me know!  In the meantime, here’s a few more pictures of the (ahem) progress…



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2 Responses to Only NINE MORE DAYS TO GO!!!

  1. Karen B says:

    Have a great trip and be safe! Mom

  2. Karen B says:

    You made it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Now I can breathe again.

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