These are links to sites and places that we really like.  Some are helping with our support of Aidric, some are helping with supplies for Clarity, and some, well, some we just plain LIKE!  Take a few moments and check them out!! – This is the website for assisting Aidric, and finding out more about him and his wonderful mother, Larsen, tragically killed in a case of domestic violence.  Aidric is 7, autistic, and needs the love of all of us. (Please note that the Hope For Aidric website is not currently active.  We are awaiting word as to the status of the organization as we decide on our future fundraising plans) – Gary runs a fantastic online/brick and mortar outfitter out of Lutz, Florida.  He is our main sponsor, very knowledgeable about his products, and just a plain ol’ nice guy… buy stuff from him! – Home of Chief, the Tribe, and the Everglades Challenge.  For those who think the Everglades Challenge is just a lark in a National Park, check out the Ultimate Florida Challenge.  Or, be like me, and simply read Sharkchow’s (Warren Richey) book!

More links to come soon…


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