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We are still here!

Sorry about the lack of postings lately… I’ve been pretty busy finishing off the trade of my Chrysler 20 for the Kawasaki Concours motorcycle, and it has left me both happy and a bit melancholy.  In any case, it’s done, with … Continue reading

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“The waters of our Earth bring forth, deliver, and sustain life. Care for them wisely, and we will all reap the rewards.”

… it’s true, you know…

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There oughta be a law…

Forget about all these changes to the health care system, insurance, “stimulus” money, Government takeovers of banks and auto manufacturers – if politicians want to increase American productivity immediately, they simply need to pass a law that specifies a minimum … Continue reading


Boat… interrupted

By the time I was 15, I knew there were 3 sailboats I wanted to own.  Each one was a singular design, similar to others in their size ranges, but also individual and unique.  None of them were spectacularly popular, … Continue reading


Aka deconstruction

The akas are now off the boat, and the hinges have been removed from the center tubes.  This involved much grinding of broken stainless steel bolts, aluminum tubing, and PG-13 language.  I have the hinge/outer aka assemblies at work, where we … Continue reading

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Yahoo aggravation

Back in 2002 (!), I started a yahoo group for AMF Sunbird owners.  This was an extension of a small mailing list I had created simply by listing some information about the boat on my old personal website.  Over the years, it’s grown … Continue reading

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Aka update

Last evening, after recovering from my 2nd 5K run (in my LIFE, not that DAY!), in which, by the way, I was beaten by Justin (running his first EVER 5K) by 29 seconds, Sue and I removed the aka tubes … Continue reading

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