Yahoo aggravation

Back in 2002 (!), I started a yahoo group for AMF Sunbird owners.  This was an extension of a small mailing list I had created simply by listing some information about the boat on my old personal website.  Over the years, it’s grown to over 500 members and over 5600 messages posted, along with files and LOTS of photographs.  I’ve been quite pleased, and I believe it is not only the largest repository of information ever gathered on the Sunbird, it’s also a great resource for any small boat sailor.

And now, along comes the yahoos at Yahoo, redesigning their groups to some bad Facebook social networking monstrosity.  All formatting in message archives will be lost, the web interface is not friendly at all, and no one knows what will happen to picture and data files.  And they have been totally ignoring the complaints, currently running over 3000 to 1 against the new format.

Yahoos indeed.

I’ve been spending the past day or so copying the message archives, which is a fairly daunting task, since you can only copy 30 at once, and the copy/paste rate is quite slow due to all the scripts on the pages (marginally faster than only copying the text of the messages, but then you lose the hyperlinks).  If there is one thing I’ve learned doing this, it’s this: TRUNCATE MESSAGES WHEN YOU REPLY TO POSTS IN ANY GROUPS YOU ARE IN!!!  I mean, come on now… it’s turning out that, with all the untruncated messages, the message to page ratio is about 1.10.  That means I’m copying 5000 pages!! (**UPDATE – Finished on the 16th, after I copied almost ELEVEN THOUSAND pages!**)

OK… rant over.

Of course, in the middle of all this, the A/C went out at the house, so I had to have a service tech come fix THAT this morning!

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