Aka hinge pictures

Port forward aka hinge detail

Here’s a couple of pictures detailing the aka hinges… with the cruciform- shaped solid Almag casting on the ends, removing enough material for the hinges to fit in the new, thicker aka tubes should be relatively easy.  Although I’d better check into the flammability of Almag vs. straight magnesium!

Port forward aka hinge detail 2

The outer tubes fit fairly snugly on the castings, so I’ll simply clean them thoroughly (without removing them), and then pour a bit of epoxy resin inside the tube, which, theoretically, will fill in the gaps and solidify nicely!  The pivot bolts will be removed and inspected, and, if needed, bushings will be installed in the holes.  I already know I’ll have to insert bushings into the lockdown bolt holes, as they are worn, and I suspect I’ll put a nylon washer on each side of the outer hinge casting tab, so there is less lateral play in the hinge.

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