Aka update

Last evening, after recovering from my 2nd 5K run (in my LIFE, not that DAY!), in which, by the way, I was beaten by Justin (running his first EVER 5K) by 29 seconds, Sue and I removed the aka tubes and the trampolines from Clarity.  Sadly, it appears that the outer portions of the tubes are more distorted than I had thought, so we will either externally sleeve them (my original concept for the central tubes), or we will replace them with more of the SCH 40 tubing, thus adding more weight to the boat (and increasing my desire to balance it out by losing weight in MY chassis).

Also, let it be noted for the record, that Justin took FIRST PLACE in his age division of 10 to 14 years old (on top of kicking me in the posterior!).

The trampolines may or may not be salvageable… the vinyl coating is stiff and stained, with some cracking and a bit of peeling.  I’m going to look into a cleaner for RV canopies, and see what happens from there!  I’ll post some pictures in the next 24 hours or so.

The nice thing about having the gear off the vaka is that the vaka now seems quite manageable to work on!

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