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To Be Decked or Not To Be Decked…

After looking at the vaka with the seating deck removed, I’m tempted to leave it off. Especially since Sue, looking at the boat while I was at work, called me and said she thought leaving it off would be a … Continue reading

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We’ve come undecked…

Over the long Thanksgiving holiday, Justin and I finally found the time to remove the wooden deck the previous owner added.  We were quite fortunate in the fact that it wasn’t adhered to the boat with 5200, but something that was … Continue reading

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Cautiously Optimistic

Sue and I did a quick check on the deck adhesive last night (with a handy dandy pry bar) and it MIGHT lift off. If not, I’ll saw it. No work on the boat tonight, as Justin has a science … Continue reading

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I’ve been decked with a deck!

Well, not literally… I removed all the hardware and mounting bolts from the existing, added-on wood wing deck, and discovered, as I was expecting and fearing, that the deck was bedded in some sort of mysterious adhesiveish, polysulfidish compound. WELL … Continue reading

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All joviality aside…

Please don’t forget about young Aidric… he needs all of us.  If you can, please take a moment and donate something.  This can be done through the following link:  This young man deserves the best that we can give … Continue reading

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Getting Older

As I continue to recover from this stupid sinus infection, I have come to the conclusion that I’m not happy that I’m getting old… this recovery is taking about as long as when I broke my leg! On the upside, … Continue reading

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Larsen Hunt and her son, Aidric

This post is not about sailing.  But it is about life.  Life stolen in it’s prime by a deranged individual.  Of life left behind… and, with help from people, hope for a life in the future. On October 26th, 2010, … Continue reading

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