I’ve been decked with a deck!

Well, not literally… I removed all the hardware and mounting bolts from the existing, added-on wood wing deck, and discovered, as I was expecting and fearing, that the deck was bedded in some sort of mysterious adhesiveish, polysulfidish compound. WELL bedded. Like MARRIED. This one is gonna be fun! I bought some 5.5″ blades for my Skil saw, and we’ll see if they can cut through the gunk. If not, it’s off to Northern Tool to buy a cheap reciprocating sawzall copy that will hopefully live long enough to cut 22 feet of seriously cured mystery stuff.

I can NEVER get stuff bonded this well… too bad the wood itself wasn’t done a bit better (at least to my tastes).

For a little more excitement, I blindly jabbed my fingers into a wasp’s nest under the inner gunwale, which was, fortunately for me, empty. YIKES!

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