We’ve come undecked…

Over the long Thanksgiving holiday, Justin and I finally found the time to remove the wooden deck the previous owner added.  We were quite fortunate in the fact that it wasn’t adhered to the boat with 5200, but something that was removeable by prying off the deck (carefully) with prybars.

A word of honesty here… I’d probably STILL be prying off the deck if 10 year old Justin hadn’t said “Dad… you are going to be doing that FOREVER”, and then proceeded to walk over to the other side of the boat and grab the deck, which I had partially loosened, but was still struggling with.  I chuckled inside as he took a hurculean stance and grabbed the deck.  I tried not to chuckle as the inevitable failure began… or so I thought, because about 2 seconds after I figured it was totally impossible, Justin was standing there with 8′ of plywood and shredded mystery glue in his hands!  He didn’t even say “I told you so”, but just kind of looked at me, waiting to see what I might say.  But what COULD I say?!?

I sure was glad I had to help him roll the boat uphill into the back yard though… it was the only thing that stopped me from going to the store and buying a bottle of Geritol!

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