The Aidric Hunt Assistance Fund

(Please note that the Hope For Aidric website is not currently active.  We are awaiting word as to the status of the organization as we decide on our future fundraising plans)

Susan and I originally dedicated our first Everglades Challenge to the memory of Larsen, and to the assistance of young Aidric. I have been in communication with those who are setting up the non-profit organization that will help Aidric ( see for more details), and memorialize Larsen by helping mothers, especially single mothers, of children with Autism get the help they and their children need. More details will be posted after the weekend, but we want to do our best to both raise money AND awareness, both for Aidric and the memory of his mother, and for all those who find themselves in similar situations.

On October 26 ,2010 Larsen Hunt (a 25 year old Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse in Tampa) was murdered in a cruel act of Domestic Violence. Although her life was taken, her dream for her beloved, autistic son Aidric doesn’t have to be. Larsen worked tirelessly to find a cure for Autism and would expect no less from us now that she is gone.

The Aidric Hunt Assistance Fund was created by her family to ensure that the rest of Aidric’s life is full of all the things Larsen would have wanted for him – specialized education & nutrition, physical & speech therapy, healthcare, and all the things that make childhood wonderful for an autistic child!Our mission is to continue the autistic therapy and support that was started by Larsen for her son.We hope you will join us. All donations go directly to impacting Aidric’s livelihood.

How Can You Help?

Donate in Person at any Bank of America:

The Aidric Hunt Assistance Fund 


Account # 229036383679

Donate on-line through PayPal by making a payment to: 

Become a Fan on Facebook: “The Aidric Hunt Assistance Fund”   



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