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AMF Sunbird Sailboat Manual

For those unaware, I started my online sailing bloggery a long time ago, in a format far far away (email lists!), regarding a neat old sailboat AMF built in the ’70s called a Sunbird.  To this day, I maintain the AMF Sunbird Yahoo Group at … Continue reading

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Decisions… and a Training Mission

Well, I’m still weighing my options regarding a cabin or flat deck on Clarity, but I’ve definitely decided to go with leeboards.  I’m shopping around for a used beach cat rudder assembly and two spare rudders to use as leeboards.  … Continue reading

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Just A Quickie….

Just a quick plea for assistance…. I’m looking for a single beach cat rudder assembly (Hobie, Prindle, etc), and two more rudder blades (to be used as leeboards and as a backup rudder blade replacement).  If you have any idea where I might locate some … Continue reading

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The Fun Of Aging…. NOT!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (I know, I say that a lot!), but I’ve been having a bit of a medical mystery going on, which has slowed me down.  Originally, it was either an allergic reaction, or something … Continue reading

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