AMF Sunbird Sailboat Manual

For those unaware, I started my online sailing bloggery a long time ago, in a format far far away (email lists!), regarding a neat old sailboat AMF built in the ’70s called a Sunbird.  To this day, I maintain the AMF Sunbird Yahoo Group at and, to my great pleasure andSunbird 1 surprise, the group has over 685 members!  There are some great stories, pictures, and most important of all, great tips on repairing, maintaining, and sailing this neat little 16′ boat.  I no longer have mine, as I sold it after buying a Chrysler 20 (not the far more common 22) which, as it turned out, was an erroneous move on my part, as the Sunbird was a much better Florida boat with it’s seriously shallow draft.  The Sunbird, by the way, is the big sister of the AMF Puffer that I used earlier this year in my Everglades Challenge attempt.  These are both great little sailboats that LOOK like the great little sailboats that they are.  In any case, we’ve all been searching for a clear copy of the owners manual, and we finally have a decent one, thanks to the diligent effort of one of our members.  I’ve converted it to a .doc format, and will be storing it here for the group to access as needed.

Sunbird Sport Sailboat Owner’s Manual

Happy sailing everybody, in whatever you’ve got…. being on the water is it’s own best reward!

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8 Responses to AMF Sunbird Sailboat Manual

  1. James Bullard says:

    Hi just drove to Ohio, from mobile Al to buy a 1977 amf sunbird, I know now I payed top dollar for it $2000 – at any rate I like it, or got to like it after a 1800 mile trip – my problem > is I poke, and jap, and rock, the boat trying to get center board to go down?? No, it has no rocked or sea weed stuck in it— is there a easer way to fix this, sailing with it up is NO FUN

  2. James Bullard says:

    I did?????

  3. James Bullard says:

    Centerboard? On a 1977 16′ amf sunbird

  4. Kirk G says:

    Is the cuddy big enough for a grown person to stretch out fully and sleep?

    • Mike says:

      I’m 5’11” and 250 lbs – I have been all the way in there, but I couldn’t stretch out (mostly due to the mast support column. If memory serves, I’d say 5’8″ and about 175 lbs or so would be doable.

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