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Coastie And Clamcounters 2015 Everglades Challenge/Impromptu Vacation Report

Coastie, an ex-Coast Guardsman, and Clamcounter, his accountant son, are two of the most fun WaterTribers I know (and that says a lot, because ALL Tribers are a ton of fun!). Here is a link to their report, and a … Continue reading

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Everglades Challenge 2015 Beach Walk Videos

This year, I was a pre-challenge inspector, checking out the gear and vessels of those WaterTribers who have not yet completed a Challenge (once you complete a challenge, you can self-certify that you have all the required gear and your … Continue reading

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Some More 2015 Everglades Challenge Stuff

The commentary on many sites is starting to fly regarding the Coast Guard’s decision to cancel the 2015 Everglades Challenge – some pro, some con (mostly con), with various levels of information, speculation, and credibility. From what I’ve been able … Continue reading

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The Coast Guard Cancelled The 2015 Everglades Challenge

As many of you know by now, the Coast Guard cancelled the 2015 Everglades Challenge as well as the 2015 Ultimate Marathon (which is basically the first leg of the E.C.). Currently, there is a lot of speculation as to … Continue reading

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