The Coast Guard Cancelled The 2015 Everglades Challenge

As many of you know by now, the Coast Guard cancelled the 2015 Everglades Challenge as well as the 2015 Ultimate Marathon (which is basically the first leg of the E.C.).

Currently, there is a lot of speculation as to why they cancelled it, or if they should have, since there wasn’t even a small craft warning posted for the area, but details are still coming in.  Instead of rehashing and second guessing what happened (I did not participate this year), I’m including some links to other blogs written by participants, along with a link to Sailing Anarchy – which makes a couple of valid points.  I’d post some news media links, but they are either so incomplete or inaccurate as to be laughable.

Micro Tom’s blog (Tom is an experienced WaterTriber) –

– SandyBottom’s Report (SandyBottom is one of the most experienced Tribers there is)

Scareman’s Report (Another veteran Triber)

– Sailing Anarchy’s page (Sailing Anarchy pulls no punches – ever)

Again, I’m not ready to speculate, guess, condemn, or anything else.  We take a risk when we participate in an event like this (YOU MAY DIE appears more than once in the paperwork), but we do have to make sure we aren’t either doing anything foolish, or allowing unprepared entrants to participate.  There will be more about all of this later – but for now, know everyone is safe, sound, and accounted for.

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