An immediate challenge… The Hot Water Challenge!

It appears that my weekend has been redirected from working on Clarity to replacing the hot water heater!

As is typical in Florida, some genius decided it would be a good idea to install the heater on a small triangular shelf above the laundry sink, with all the fittings barely reachable.  This also precludes the installation of a larger heater.

For even more entertainment value, the old heater has enough sediment in it that the drain will not function (it’s been in the house for 15+ years…), so it should be nice and heavy.  Clarity’s mainsheet may do double duty as a hoist!  To get the water out, I have three choices… make the valve work, use a shop vac, or put a 7.62 round through the bleepin’ thing!  Shooting it might indeed prove satisfactory in the short run, but could be problematic with the neighbors (not to mention the FAMILY), so I’ll save that one for last.

The good thing about this is that I’m going to just have to give in and clean the garage in order to safely change out the heater, so I’ll be well along the way to setting up the shop, so that I can work on sailboat stuff!

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