Hot Water Challenge completed…

If you read the post below, you’ll know we’ve been living with (gasp) room temperature water for a couple of days.  If ever I was glad I live in Florida and not Minnesota…!

The change actually went very smoothly and easily.  Almost TOO easily… I was half expecting the water heater gremlins to get me, but they didn’t.  Getting the water out of the old water heater was a pain, as it was loaded with sediment… I had to disassemble the drain valve and jam a wire coat hanger in there, while blocking spurts of nasty gack with a toy plastic shovel.  Quite manly, no?  And it weighed about 40 extra pounds due to the gack that remained, so removal by myself was iffy, but I tied a line around the old pipes that were left attached to the heater, looped it over a rafter, swung it out (yikes!) and lowered it down, with no trauma.   Then I lifted in the new one, and began hooking it up.  The neatest thing was the new style hoses that simply slide on and clamp onto the old copper tubing, with no compression fittings or anything like that.  And even on the (carefully cut) 35-year-old tubing, they didn’t leak a drop.

So there it sits, dry and leak free, happily generating water to a politically correct temperature (I’ll fix THAT soon), with its braided stainless steel lines looking like so much Aeroquip hosing in a race car, or perhaps a little bit of sci-fi mysteriousness, growing on a shelf, all tranquil and shiny appliance white… just biding it’s time.

Actually, it reminds me of a still.

Perhaps I’ll get an “Old No. 7” or Makers mark label for it…

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One Response to Hot Water Challenge completed…

  1. mom says:

    WTG Mikey!! I knew you could do it. Hmm, I have a long list of things that need fixing around here…..

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