Debilitation… is making me wait!

(My apologies to Carly Simon for that one!)

There has been a bit of illness in the household which has slowed things down.  Justin has recovered, and Sue mercifully escaped catching it, but I was not so lucky.  Over the weekend it became pretty painful to breathe, and I constantly feel like I’m trying to cough up an alien being.  Hopefully, it’ll be over in a day or so, and then the cockpit work, along with the bow eye/stemhead fitting project, will commence!

I’ve decided to replace the bow eye with a U-Bolt style eye, and tie the stemhead to it with a stainless steel strap.  While doing this, I’m going to actually move the stemhead aft about 4 inches, so that, in case of a collision with a dock or other irritating obstruction, bow damage will be less likely to result in a dismasting.

Seems logical, at least to my temperature-enhanced brainpan.

In the midst of all this fun, we also did acquire the Kawasaki Concours motorcycle, so that took a bit of time, as I prefer to check out and make sure a two-wheeled vehicle is operating properly, especially as I’ll be more likely to be carrying passengers on it.  In fact, Sue and I put over 180 miles on the bike Saturday, and it’s almost as fun as sailing!

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