How To Eat (?) On An 18′ Trimaran In 4′ to 8′ Seas…

The short answer is VERY CAREFULLY (I certainly hope you were expecting that)!

The long answer is a bit more serious, as you have to maintain hydration, an adequate protein intake, and a level of carbohydrates that will keep you energized, without overdoing it.  So, having thusly eliminated an on-board pizza oven, our heavy weather meals consisted predominantly of apples smeared with peanut butter, Pacific Natural Food’s organic tomato soup in cartons, and Art’s PRO BARS (reviewed earlier).  A trick to remember with peanut butter is, if you use one of the natural or healthier options (we use Smart Balance) you will want to remember to stir the peanut butter BEFORE playing in high seas (happily, we did) or you might just end up with a sticky, oily mess.  Our ProMate Shark knives worked just fine for peanut butter artistry, and the blunt tips helped avoid puncturing the peanut butter jar or ourselves in the relatively(!) rough seas we encountered off of Siesta Key and points south.  Putting peanut butter on an apple also allows you to intake the peanut butter without getting a serious case of dry mouth, which is more of a problem than you might think when you are getting doused with fire-hose-like blasts of water every thirty or forty seconds, and keeping your face and lips moist is extremely important.  There will be more on THAT subject in an upcoming post…

Another important skill is to be able to function on the boat with one hand holding your food straight up in the air Hail-Mary or Statue-Of-Liberty style in a somewhat wasted effort at keeping it dry.  My apples always got a tad wet, but I did manage to time my eating of them so as to not have the sea blast the peanut butter off!

The cartons of soup provided nutrition and hydration in one easy container, and, of course, the PRO BARS balanced everything out nicely.

The other thing to remember is that, eventually, everything that goes in, must come out… so think about that when deciding just how much fiber you really need on a 3 to 5 day expedition-style race!

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