IronBob’s upcoming 5000 Mile Amazon Trek

WaterTribe’s IronBob will be participating in a 5000 mile trek across South America… on foot, by kayak, and mountaineering.  This is a fundraising event for cancer, and donations can be made here: or on Bob’s personal donation page at :

To learn more about Bob, visit his website at and while you are there, read about his Everglades Challenge entries here:  You know what I learned about Bob on his website?  I learned that I like his style…. this quote should explain what I mean:Yup... it's a bomb... nope, I don't think it'll blow

At or near Highland Point, see photo to the right, we found a WWII anti-ship mine; yup, for real. I don’t know why, but I jumped on it a few times to…well I actually don’t know why I would jump on an unexploded mine. Something is awfully wrong with me at times. 

Here’s a Fox News interview with Mickey Grosman, the initiator of the Amazon 5000:  And here’s a map:

Amazon 5000 website:

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of this awesome event.

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