Clarity came with a storm-shortened mast and a tiny mainsail, which makes storms nice to sail in, but won’t cut it for day-to-day sailing, or the EC.  What we have decided to do is use the original (shortened) 17′ mast, and cut down a kindly donated mainsail from a AMF Trac 16.  A sketch of the rough idea is included for your perusal.  We’ll end up with a square topped main of around 100 square feet.  The original sail was 127 square feet, but I think she square topped, fully battened sail will be more efficient, and the lower CE will be nice.  I’m hoping that she’ll sail well as a boomless sail, but if not, I have an almost completed wishbone boom from another project (defeated by a degenerated fiberglass hull!) that I can modify and use.  I will be adding sail slides and two reef points, along with myriad tell-tales (I am a fan of the wind-tunnel-test-model look) and possibly a window.

Sail modification sketch

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