Hatching Clarity…

The bulkheads are glassed and the hatches are installed!  The install went fairly smoothly except for one little issue… reaching the fastener holes under the hinged side of the hatch lid was really a pain.  Since the hatches donated by T. A. Mahoney Marine in Tampa were literally the biggest hatches that would fit into the bulkheads, there was very little room to work.  And, it turns out that you don’t get a good shot at the fastener holes unless the lid is open about 140º.  I was about 30º shy of that number, and because other clearances were so tight, I couldn’t slip the fasteners into the holes and then install the hatch.  Besides, I still would have had the sailor-trucker language inducing screwdriver alignment issue to deal with…

But, they are done, they are watertight, and we now have more storage than almost any other boat in the Everglades Challenge, with the exception of the Sea Pearls and Core Sounds.

Tomorrow… the daggerboard trunk.  After that, the vaka goes back on the trailer and serious reassembly commences.

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