Clarity’s New Trunk… and Pictures Galore!

I installed the daggerboard trunk last evening… although it more time than I thought it would, the installation went very well.  Wow, is it ever nice to have something go easily!  I cut the slot in the vaka (AACK!) right in the front midle of the repair I made which sealed up the original slot, covered the end of the daggerboard with waxed paper and tape and slid it thru the trunk just enough for it to sit on the ground.  I then mixed an epoxy/chopped fiber strand slurry, coated the area around the slot, and plopped the trunk in.  It fit well enough that it almost snapped in like a Lego! I then put in 5 layers of epoxy/ fiberglass tape on each side of the trunk, and along the back.  It should be pretty solid, but just to make sure, I’ll be filling in the gaps with polyester/chopped strand putty (yep, that would be Bondo Marine Repair!).  The only thing left is to make the thwart (seat) that will run across the top of the trunk and tie it in to each side of the vaka.  This will provide a seat, as well as a cooking/work area that is somewhat sheltered, being below the gunwale line.

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