Clarity is no longer inverted…!

It sure feels good to see Clarity right side up again!  There’s still plenty of work to go, but the end is in sight.  The bulkheads are in, and 95% glassed, the daggerboard trunk fits (!), and I’ve figured out the flooring.

While doing glass work, and preparing the amas for the new chainplates, I decided to beef up the gunwale and hull a bit, so I made reinforcement patches comprised of 3 layers of glass cloth and one layer of mat.  I laid them out on aluminum foil, wetted out the layers of cloth, and then cut the patches to size (I cut through the aluminum foil too, which makes the patch easy to handle) and slapped them on.  Not the prettiest job in the world, but they will reside on the inside of the amas, and under the trampolines, so they’ll pretty much be out of sight.  But not out of mind, and I’ll be reassured that the chainplates and the amas will be stronger than before.  As a backup, I have left the original chainplates on the amas as well (for some odd reason, Clarity’s were on the OUTSIDE gunwale of the amas, which I’ve not seen on any other Sailbird).  I will have a safety line or wire connecting the original fitting to the stay, just in case something breaks.  Of course, if the STAY breaks……!

And as for cosmetics… after the Everglades Challenge, we’ll pretty her up.  I don’t have the time now, and I know she’ll pick up a few “experience marks” on the way to Key Largo, so we’ll do the sprucing up later.

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