Bits And Pieces…

Here’s a quick gallery of photos showing some of the fun I’ve been having getting Clarity ready!

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2 Responses to Bits And Pieces…

  1. TomH says:

    Congrats on your 2014EC trip.
    Enjoyed your blog on the mods to Clarity, thanks
    Would VERY much like to hear about how well the leeboards worked to windward. And whether you used one or both for best results.

    • Mike says:

      Tom, glad you are enjoying the blog! The leeboards are really a little too small for the boat, but they did help going to windward a little – though mostly they helped balance the helm. Larger leeboards (about 30-40%) would be seriously effective, but I wanted to use the same foils for the leeboards as the rudder, in case I sustained rudder damage. I did use both going to windward in light air, and that was very effective, but in any serious waves, the windward board did little good. All in all, it was an excellent experiment – if I were to use her only as a daysailor, I’d make some slightly larger boards, but for my use, I’m quite happy with having smaller, redundant foils that put a lower strain on the hull. Also, note that if I DID go any larger, I’d have to consider more structural reinforcement, too.

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