And Now For A Little Bit Of News…

For the past couple of years, I’ve been flying small UAS’s (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or FAA-speak for drones) as a hobby, and have found the videography aspect fascinating.  So much so, that I’ve decided to make the hobby a bit more than a hobby.  Tomorrow I’ll take delivery of a Yuneec Typhoon H Pro – a six rotor photography platform with a built in 4K video/still camera, and active collision avoidance from Intel.

yuneec-typhoon-h-proIt should make for a good, safe system, suitable for real estate photography, basic digital mapping and surveying, remote security and equipment inspection, and SAR (search and rescue) uses.  I’m also hoping to find ways to integrate a UAS in my main line of business, horizontal directional drilling.

There are other great drones out there, most notably the DJI series, and the 3DR IRIS+ and Solo series.  The DJI has an awesome autopilot, but to be honest, it just looks too much like a toy to me.  The Solo would actually have been my first choice, but 3DR is getting out of the drone business, so while the are available at incredibly low prices right now, factory support is not good.  And on top of all that, Yuneec is developing manned electric sport aircraft, which appeal to me greatly, so I feel good about connecting with a company that makes stuff I like!

In any case, I’m currently working to get my FAA Part 107 UAS registration completed, so I can legally fly commercially.  I won’t be accepting any paid commissions until that is done, but if you happen to have an interesting idea and/or location that ought to be filmed, let me know… after all, practice makes perfect!

For the moment, I’ve established a FaceBook presence for this endeavor, and if you’d like to stop by and click on ‘like’, that’d be awesome – and that way, both the taxman and I know the word is getting out.  You can find it here:

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