Who Am I And Where Have I Gone?!?

Well, it’s been quite the fast paced few months here in Clarity Land – I’ve moved 3 times (houses) including the move I’m doing this weekend.  Sorry about the lack of posts, but it has been a tad hectic.  But not to worry, there will soon be a resumption of semi-regular postage!


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3 Responses to Who Am I And Where Have I Gone?!?

  1. Karen B says:

    Who are you and where have you gone?!?

  2. George Mathews/ 978-618-7545 says:

    Mike, I have a Sunbird no longer being sailed. The hull is questionable but all mast/boom parts in great condition. I also have sail and Jib in absolute perfect condition. Would any of your group be interested in these items ??? We are in NH, 35 miles north of Boston

    • Mike says:

      George, you could either join the group and post the items, or send me a list and contact info, and I could post them for you. There is usually someone in the market for good sails.

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