Foiliated and Tooled…

WOOHOO!!!  The three rudders and one tiller assembly I ordered have arrived, and they should fit the bill perfectly!

NCM_0044All three are rudders from a Sol Cat 18, but the two on the left are aftermarket blades with a slightly different shape.  This is fine, as those will be the blades I use for my leeboards, reserving the third for the actual rudder.  What look to be cracks in the picture are just scuff marks from the aluminum rudder housing casting, and the tan areas are spots where the outer gelcoat has worn through, a very common thing on fiberglass rudders when they hit the sandy bottom.  It may not be readily apparent, but all three rudders fit the casting perfectly, so if I do break the rudder blade, I can use one of the leeboards in it’s place.

I have also secured shop space, on the same property as my office (!) which will allow me to set up my late father’s entire knifemaking shop.  This equips me with a great boat shop as well, and it’s about 200 feet from my desk.  Perfect!NCM_0041 NCM_0042

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2 Responses to Foiliated and Tooled…

  1. Karen B says:

    What’s with the snow flakes? They’re annoying – and we have enough of them here. Mom

  2. Mike says:

    It’s an evil plot by WordPress, mom… I have no control over the snowflakes! They do it every December.

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