Foiled, Foiled, and Foiled again…

It appears that I’ve located 3 rudder blades and a rudder casting from a Sol Cat 18 catamaran.  The blades are a few inches deeper and of slightly narrower chord (front to rear measurement) that those from a Nacra 5.2, which were also under consideration.  This will allow me to have a much better rudder than the stock one, and leeboards on each side of the vaka (a leeboard is like a centerboard, except mounted on the outside of the hull).  Using the same blades for the rudder and leeboards means that, if I break one, I have two spares on board.  It also means that I will have no openings at all under the waterline in the main hull (vaka).  Once I get the stuff in hand, and lined up on the vaka, I suspect my indecision about a flat deck vs. a cabin will self-resolve.  There will be more news coming this week!

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