Clarity Sailing Adventures Goes For A Bike Ride…

Actually, a number of bike rides.  One thing I learned during my 2013 Everglades Challenge attempt was that I am not in nearly as good of shape as I should be.  Not at all.  I’ve always been, err, stocky, but it has caught up with me, and it’s time to get serious with cardio health and weight loss.

To that end, I’m doing 3 bike rides a week, currently 25 to 30 miles each.  I’m quite fortunate to have the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park directly on my way home.  It’s connected on the east side to the Suncoast Trail, a great paved 40+ mile path on the west side of the Suncoast Expressway.  During the week, I can stop at the trailhead on the way home, take the bike off the car, load up with a light dinner, and spend a few hours in the wilderness with the bugs, snakes, gators, bugs, turtles, deer, bugs, and wild boar.  Also with the bugs.

A bit of bug spray and a bandanna for the really buggy days make it quite tolerable, and the park is a wonderfully undeveloped tract of Florida prairie and wetland.  A paved 6.7 mile path from east to west is dotted with shaded water stations, but you do want to carry water with you.  As a bit of WaterTribe-induced prep, I carry two bottles of water, a bit of food, poncho, first aid kit, a signal mirror, knife, cell phone, SPOT locator, and a couple other bits of gear.

More information about Starkey Park can be found at

More information about the Suncoast Trail can be found at

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2 Responses to Clarity Sailing Adventures Goes For A Bike Ride…

  1. Bob Edgarton says:

    Gee, Mike, are there a few bugs out there? lol

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