Checkpoint 1 at last!

I arrived at CP1 about 6:30 today after a wild first leg of the 2013 Everglades Challenge.  We had a rainy start, and I ended up going into the Gulf instead of taking the ICW.  The waves were pretty amazing, with some breakers in the 8 foot range.  Maybe higher.  I came back in through Longboat Pass, surfing over a 100 yard sand bar at about 12 knots… a wild ride to be remembered forever, but not repeated!  The whole ride down was wild, and I will post more later, but suffice to say that I am still exhausted and recovering from hypothermia, so I’m staying here overnight, and will head to CP 2 tomorrow, weather permitting!

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One Response to Checkpoint 1 at last!

  1. Karen B says:

    Glad to here all is OK. Rest up – warm up! Mom.

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