Bail Me Out!!!

One thing that HAD to be changed on Discovery was the original bailer.  AMF used the Sunfish bailer on both the Puffer and the 16′ Sunbird, and it’s just not the greatest bailer design out there.  It doesn’t retract, it’s made of plastic, and, well, it doesn’t suck well.  Plus, they eventually get brittle and break.

I decided to replace mine with an Elvstrom/Andersen bailer, so I bought one of the Mini sized ones, with an external flange for mounting.  The internal flange might have slightly less drag, but there’s a ton of routing and fiberglass work involved if you have more than about 1/8″ of hull to deal with.

The old one came out stubbornly… we had to drill it out, pound it out, speak sailor language at it, and generally be irritable to it until it gave up and basically fell out, mocking our efforts.   I then rectangularized (new word alert!) the hole, put in some epoxy to seal off the foam core that I nicked into in the front of the new hole, and, after painting it with a non-matching white paint (never let me pick paint. Ever.), the job was done.  And, even if sailing in fairly light air, IT WORKS!

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