Deck Plates… And A Word (or three) Of Caution!

I’ve installed 4 deck plates on Discovery… 3 clear ones from West Marine, and one white one made by Ray-Bud.  I just realized I don’t have installation pics, so I’ll add them later, but I have a bit of advice: avoid the clear deck plates.  For some reason, the clear plastic lid tends to jam and even gall on the deck ring: we had to use a hammer to remove one of them!  To remedy this, I will use a toothbrush and some Soft Scrub to deglaze the clear plastic threads, and them I’ll lubricate them well with SuperLube (the thick kind in the silver tube).  That should fix it, and allow me to see a bit into the boat (except in the morning… humidity does fog them!), but I’ll not use them again.  Also, the Ray-Bud hatch removes easier than any I’ve ever used before.  Pity it’s up at the bow and likely NEVER to be removed!

IMG_20121230_145948Note the shrink wrap on the West Marine deck plate… quite a waste since it’s already packaged in an overly thick clear plastic display package.IMG_20121230_145901Always use pure silicon sealant on deck plates and ports… anything else WILL eventually degrade the plastic. IMG_20121231_154745Gosh, but I love drilling holes in boats.  Especially OTHER peoples’ boats!!!

Also, please note that, in my usual out-of-order way of doing things, I have actually cleaned the hull and cockpit.  I just neglected to do it FIRST, which would have been much easier!

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