A Hairy Plan…

Yep… part of the planning for an adventure like the Everglades Challenge is grooming & hygiene.  To that end, being a guy, I have the distinct advantage of being able to cut my hair short.  Really short.  Women can do this too (I’ve seen it on Star Trek, so I know it must be so), but some of the more Neanderthal elements of society might look at them in some sort of awkward fashion (they call that goggle-eyed staring, I believe).  I hit the hair with a #8 guard on the trusty Wahl-brand human (and possibly pet) hair trimmer, and will take it back to a #6 on Sunday.  Then, next Friday, comes the #4.  Why the stages, you might ask (or you might not… it depends on how bored you are at this point…)?  Well, besides not wanting to frighten the aforementioned pets overmuch, the main reason is that SUNBURNED SCALPS SUCK.  Trimming the hair back in stages does indeed allow the scalp to get UV increases gradually, hopefully avoiding a lobsteresque hue if the E.C. gets too sunny.  And yes, I will be wearing a hat…

The reason for the short hair, of course, is ease of grooming.  80% of bathing during a Challenge or similar trek is done with some manly variation of, well, baby wipes.  And short hair wipes clean, minimizes sweating, traps fewer unwanted traveling companions be they animal, vegetable, or mineral, and, well, makes you look like Survivorman without the camera crew.

Works for me!

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