Take a moment when you visit here… let me know where you’re from!

I’ve had visitors from 97 countries so far… tell me what you think of my little site!

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3 Responses to Take a moment when you visit here… let me know where you’re from!

  1. bill boylan says:

    Hi. Caught you on sailbird group. I’m getting my sailbird restored. I’ve been searching for info sources for rigging, sails, accessories, modifications, instruction, etc.. Can you suggest sites?
    Good luck in Puffer. Maybe I’ll enter once I learn to sail my Bird. Bill from Titusville, FL

  2. What a GREAT site, Mike! You probably don’t remember me, but we crossed wakes several times during the Everglades Challenge last year. My tribe name is Dorsalis and I was on a little, yellow Adventure Island. Ran across you twice, both times high and dry waiting for the flood tide, once on Picnic Island and again at Chokoloskee. It was a real pleasure to read your detailed review of the trip and fill in the gaps between those times.

    Have a question for you. What was the Draft of your clarity? I am planning on taking a Windrider 17 with an 18 inch draft (unloaded)next year. Just wondering from someone with considerable skill and trimaran sailing experience, do you think I will have problems getting it across twisty mile and/or Jimmy Channel? I am planning on crossing both points as close to high tide as possible.

    Thanks again for a EXCELLENT Blog!

    Chip Southerland (aka “Dorsalis”)

    • Mike says:

      Chip, I do remember (through the sleep deprived haze of a typical EC) seeing you in a couple of places, but I’m going to trust YOUR memory as to where they were! Clarity draws about a foot – 18″ would be doable in the channels, but watch the tides and don’t get outside the markers (I learned THAT lesson!). Have you planned parking/waiting/hiding spots while waiting for the proper tide?

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