WaterTribe Everglades Challenge Press Release…

A 300-mile adventure race for small boats paddling and sailing from Tampa Bay to Key Largo in 8 days or less.
On Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 7a.m. over 100 small boats with over 125 experienced and intrepid mariners from around the country will launch from Fort De Soto County Park on Mullet Key just south of St. Petersburg, Florida to compete in one of two adventure races: The Everglades Challenge (EC2013) and the Ultra Marathon (UM2013).
The EC2013 is a 300-mile trek along Florida’s Gulf Coast ending in Key Largo and must be completed in eight days or less. The Ultra Marathon is about 62 miles and finishing at Cape Haze Marina in Englewood. These races are open to boats propelled by human and/or wind power only. No tows, no rides. Modern GPS tracking units allow race officials and anyone with internet access to follow each race participant in real time as they make their way along their chosen route.
“I designed the Everglades Challenge to be the toughest week long adventure/endurance race for small boats anywhere in the world,” said Steve Isaac, founder and “Chief” of the WaterTribe, which sponsors the Everglades Challenge.
The basic race rules are simple: First one to the finish wins. Additional rules are designed for safety as well as define who should consider entering these races. For example, all competitors must be able to drag their boats, without assistance, off the launch beach and into the Gulf of Mexico near the entrance to Tampa Bay at the start of the race. This rule is designed to filter out large boats without a lot of rules defining the size of a small boat.
WaterTribe is pleased to announce that this year Cape Haze Marina in Englewood, Florida will be the finish for the Ultra Marathon and the first checkpoint for the Everglades Challenge. The Marina offers a great location and facility as well as enthusiastic support from their staff and the folks at Hooked on SUP.
For more information please visit the links below or one of the contacts.
EC2013 Full Details at: http://www.watertribe.com/Events/EvergladesChallenge/
UM2013 Full Details at: http://www.watertribe.com/Events/UltraMarathon/
Tracking Map at: http://www.watertribe.com/Events/ChallengeGMapper.aspx
Short Video Captures WaterTribe Spirit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AbPpuZ-BPs

Steve Isaac (aka Chief) Founder of WaterTribe and Participant in EC2013 Tel: 727-535-7819 (home) Tel: 727-204-3276 (cell) Email: chief@WaterTribe.com.
Paula Martel (aka PaddleDancer) Race Manager, EC2013 and UM2013 Tel: 702-296-4268 Email: pjmartel@cox.net.
Ken Stead Cape Haze Marina, General Manager Tel: 941-698-1110 Email: kenstead@capehazemarina.com
Paige Bakhaus Cape Haze Marina, Hooked on SUP Tel: 941-504-1699 Email: hookedonsup@gmail.com

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One Response to WaterTribe Everglades Challenge Press Release…

  1. Fred Lowe says:

    Spent the day windsurfing in 15 to 25 on Sarasota Bay today when the Tribers came through. Got nothing but total admiration for what all these folks are accomplishing. All the best Via Con Dios

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