How To Stretch A Tramp (Search Engines Are A Wonderful Thing!)…

I thought I’d end my 2012 blogosity by reposting a teeny little post from way back in February 2011, that, somehow, became the most hit-on post I’ve ever had on this blog!  All I can figure is that a bunch of folks must have been searching for “grungy tramps out in the sun” or something similar.  Gee, I wonder how many extra hits I would have gotten if I’d mentioned it was really hot that day?!?

Have a Safe and Happy New Year, everybody, and best wishes for an even better 2013.

The tramps are the originals, and the vinyl has shrunken a bit, so putting them on again will be an adventure.  I figured I’d start out by giving them a weekend in the sun!

They are a bit grungy, and they will need to be replaced soon, but they’ll function just fine for the Challenge, and as templates for the new ones.

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