Bailing, Bailing, O’er The Gulf So Blue…

Yikes… so, so sorry about the rhyme!


AMF Sunfish, Puffer, and Sunbird Bailer


Andersen/ Elvstrom Bailer

I’ve just ordered an Andersen (Elvstrom) Mini bailer from Defender Industries and will be replacing the stock Sunfish bailer with it. I was worried about both the drag and vulnerability of the external bailer, and, since my housing shattered during the initial removal attempt, it appears my fears were warranted.  The venerable Elvstrom Bailer is made of stainless steel, and retract flush with the hull, so it’ll be far less vulnerable to damage than the original external clamshell design.  I’ll try and remember to take some pics of the retrofit.

I also have some leftover bits from refitting our trimaran Clarity, so I get to replace the OEM jib cleats with Harken #238 Cam-matics with bullseyes.HARKEN 238 I plan on putting them on at a 20 to 30 degree aft facing angle to facilitate easy singlehanded sheeting. I’m also going to take the roller furler off of Clarity, and put it on Discovery (the AMF Puffer), at least for the Everglades Challenge.ROLLER FURLER

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One Response to Bailing, Bailing, O’er The Gulf So Blue…

  1. walkerbenf says:

    I would love to get some ideas from you about jib cleats, roller furling, etc. etc. I am trying to rebuild a puffer. I am a total newbie, so suggestions would be extremely helpful. I have been going back to your posts for at least a year–been stalled on completing it with other projects but want to get back to it this year. Thanks!

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